Welcome to Certified International Tax Accountants

The Association of Certified International Tax Accountants – UK (ACITA) was established in 1980 as a Tax Accounting Training Institute in the UK; however it was re-incorporated as CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL TAX ACCOUNTANTS – UK (CITA-UK), as a professional body under the Companies Act 2006 in England & Wales with Reference no. 9720353.

The Institute combines both academic and professional disciplines in their syllabus and curricula for all examination levels, and runs a bi – annual semester system.

It administers University mode of examination and assessment and class attendance is compulsory to all students as it constitutes an integral part of the general assessment. Minimum entry requirement is university degree or diploma and above or equivalent professional qualification.



Chartered or Certified Tax Accountant

A certified tax accountant could also be called a Chartered Tax Accountant. The word certified or chartered simply depicts that the individual has reached the peak of the professional ladder. The word certified or chartered also connotes completion or accomplishment. However, before the British Incorporation Act of 2006,Companies and Institutions in the UK were registered under the Royal Charter. The passage of the incorporation Act of 2006 in Great Britain changed the mode of registration from